By Peter Lindmark & Jimmy Lindgren

A journalist and her family are brutally slaughtered in their home south of Stockholm. Prior to this, she published an article accusing a major US corporation of forging crucial scientific research data.  The news hits like a bombshell and creates severe problems for the ongoing negotiations on a free trade agreement between the EU and the US.

According to a Swedish EU parliamentarian, the revelation is only the tip of the iceberg. After the murder of the journalist, the parliamentarian mysteriously disappears without a trace. The sensitive case goes to the Swedish Security Service, and task force chief Diana Lilja calls on Nicholas Warg to locate the missing man before he too is eliminated.

Who is behind the murder, and what kind of life-threatening information could the parliamentarian reveal?

Together with the Aftonbladet’s foreign correspondent in London, Fatima Al Majed, who happens to be a close friend of the dead journalist, Nicholas Warg begins the hunt for the truth. Much is at stake. Powerful and vicious forces are prepared to silence everyone at any cost. To avoid a global disaster and salvage Swedish interests, Nicholas must find one man – before it’s too late…

Published by Lind & Co, Sweden 2016
375 pages

Czech Republic, Albatros
Sweden, Lind & Co

Sagt om Förrädare:

”Carl Hamilton, Kurt Wallander, Martin Beck … Nicholas Warg. Den svenska spännings-litteraturen har fått ett nytt namn att lägga på minnet.”
Kristian Ekenberg, Gefle Dagblad

”spännande action från första till sista sidan.”
Mats Garme, Ölandsbladet

”Ska bli intressant att följa de här herrarnas fortsatta författarskap.”
C. Lundh, Mariestadstidningen