“Succesful fantasy about voices in solitude”

Viveca and Camilla Sten’s young adult book Child of the Skerries, their first collaborate writing and the first title in a trilogy, keeps reaching new heights of success! Today Dagens Nyheter posted a fantastic review, praising the novel itself as well as their talent to combine the fantasy and horror genres for a younger audience.

“In the forest and the sea are supernatural beings that whisper in Tuva’s ear, so quietly that she can only sense what they are saying. And when the creatures get a classmate to disappear, the boredom and loneliness are replaced by fear and activity. […] Child of the Skerries” is superior to many of its predecessors in the genre, Tuva’s loneliness is portrayed in heartbreaking detail. […] “Child of the Skerries” is one of this year’s most exciting young adult books, a desolate archipelago has rarely seemed so full of life.”