By Anna Fredriksson

Our journey begins when 40-year-old Jenny realises that her life has not turned out like she planned. Her whole world crumbles when she discovers that her husband is cheating on her, making divorce the only option. So being asked to go on a cycling vacation through a beautiful, late summer, Österlen with three of her childhood friends seems like the perfect way to get back on her feet. Jenny is grateful for the opportunity having had to neglect her friends the past years due to her demanding new management position at work.

The four women’s friendship will be put to the test during the five days they are vacationing together. Their cheerful mood quickly turns sour as Jenny finds out that one friend had known about her husband’s affair. The group splits up into smaller units and Jenny’s friends become increasingly worried at the changes they are seeing in her. It soon dawns on them that something is seriously wrong,something aside from her marital problems …

The Journey (Augustiresan) tells the story of how friendships can change – that a bond formed mid-life are completely different from those we create as teenagers. It is an equal parts heart-warming and thought-provoking novel about love, trust and the importance of showing your whole self to the people you love.

Published by Bokförlaget Forum, Sweden 2013

341 pages

Finland, Storytel
France, Denoël
Germany, Berlin Verlag
Sweden, Forum

THE AUGUST JOURNEY by Anna Fredriksson is a page turner… It descries current problems like stress at work, unemployment, depression, childlessness – but it also tells the story of love, friendship and solidarity. … The dialog is the books biggest strength, you are thrown into the plot and never doubt the story. Anna Fredriksson paints the Österlen setting, making me feel like I am really there. … THE AUGUST JOURNEY is a relationship drama, a real summer story about everyday life and a friendship that will move you as well as warm your heart.

This was one of those books I read in one sitting, ending in the middle of the night because I could not let it go.
Lotta Olsson, TV4

Anna Fredriksson is amazingly adept at depicting feelings and relationships. … This is a very serious novel but well written and I cannot state enough how much I recommend it. … Anna Fredriksson’s characters are very realistic. Simply fantastic!
P4 Radio

The hopeless work situation is painfully well written, as is Jenny who like a bullied child carries around her shame, trying to hide it from her surroundings. … What I love most is the beautiful depictions of the landscape in Österlen, everything from sea to sky. You can tell that the author is comfortable here.
Östgöta Correspondenten

As the driven script-writer that Anna Fredriksson is she knows exactly how to cut together images from Österlen of the present and scenes from the past year when Jenny has been avoiding her friends. In particular towards the ending the almost thriller-like intrigue is very effective and I am reluctant to leave my reading chair.

Anna Fredriksson’s THE AUGUST JOURNEY is about adult bullying, a very subtle one at that and the read is sometime quiet scary. … A real page-turner.

The novel is deeply rooted in the present, with an easy flowing narrative and immaculate control of the intrigue.
BTJ (Swedish Library Services)