By Anna Fredriksson

TURE IS EVERYTHING Elsa has. How far is she willing to go to protect him?

ELSA IS PASSIONATE about her work as a nurse in an end-of-life care unit, but most important in her life is ten-year-old Ture, the nephew she is finally going to adopt after years of waiting. When a female patient reveals a horrific family secret on her deathbed, a chain of events with devastating consequences is set in motion. The widower begins to threaten Elsa and Ture, and one winter night, he attacks Elsa in the park outside the hospital.

THE ONLY PERSON she can confide in is the much older and more experienced colleague Vendela. Despite the strong friendship that grows between the two women, Elsa’s life becomes increasingly unbearable. Is there any way out of the nightmare?

THE NURSE IS a psychological thriller about life-changing choices and a friendship on life and death.

First published by Forum, 2024

Sweden, Forum

The Nurse is an angst-ridden psychological thriller with drive, about guilt, morality and being caught in the grip of a psychopath. But it is also a fine depiction of working in palliative care and the love of a child. The story has a great narrative and a strong premise.

– BTJ, Sweden