By Anna Fredriksson

FALL HAS ARRIVED to the southern part of Sweden and the orchards are filled with glowing apples. When Vanja is holding a course in watercolor painting she is unexpectantly reminded of her dark childhood memories.

VANJA GOES TO Stockholm to seek out a man she has never forgotten. Her daughter Sally feels uncomfortable by her mother’s sudden distancing, having just reconnected after so many years. She now runs the bed & breakfast with the help of her love Peter but is he hiding something from her?

THE LOCALS STILL see Josefin and Harald as an odd couple but Josefin has a plan to make them fit in better. By doing so, she risks not only her own farm but also her mother’s beloved business. Will the three women find a solution and also the connection lost between them?

THE FINAL RESOLUTION in this warm and heartfelt relationship drama about three generations of women.

First published by Ester Bonnier 2020-08-12

Denmark, Gyldendal
Germany, Insel Verlag
Sweden, Ester Bonnier

The author has her own way of mirroring and tie together people’s lives, questions and doubts, into a thrilling and warm story. […] I feel deeply with the characters and I am moved by the language, the ambiance and the environments portrayed. And how I like what I read! […] The way to my book hear – and a wonderful read – goes definitely via this series and this crown jewel of a book that concludes it.