By Elsebeth Egholm

THE CONCERT PIANIST  Malou Beck lost both her mother and her music at the same time.
During the clean out of her mothers apartment, Malou and her sister find an old shellac record, a Chopin recording from 1930 with a french pianist, Sophie Costeau, recorded on an incredible piano. The music is magical and when she sees the photo on the cover, she notices that Sophie looks like her. Has their mother been hiding a family secret? 

TO FIND OUT the truth about Sophie and to find the piano for her friend, the collector Elias, Malou travels to Lorraine, France. But she doesn’t know the language, she hires Cody Blake as an interpreter, an American with a sad past, who lives on a houseboat along the Mosel river. He is a guitarist in a cover band, because in the music he can forget who he is. Malou becomes the person who can make Cody whole. And for Malou, Cody is the one who can show her the way back to what she has lost. 

BUT THERE ARE things that weigh more than love. 

First published by Politikens Forlag, Denmark 2020

Denmark, Politikens Forlag

“Melodramatic plot with a tone of atmosphere..a novel about existential choices, where you go without a safety net.”
– Jyllands-Posten, Denmark 

“I am crazy about both Malou and Cody, it is almost impossible not to, they are both so lovable.”
– Bechs Books, Denmark

“Egholm runs the show without effort … it is done surprely done and very entertaining.”
– Dagbladenes Bureau, Denmark

“It is simply a brilliant move by an author who otherwise writes in the crime genre to weave a suspenseful story into an incredibly beautiful relationship novel.”
– Krimiormen, Denmark

“As The Night Knows The Stars is an absolutely terrific novel.”

“A complete love story … elegantly told with linguistic brilliance and great human insight, and it is unpredictable and shaky because there are many big emotions – including the difficult ones – at stake.”
– Jysk Fynske medier, Denmark

“Egholm is a master at tying a plot together.”
– Søndag, Denmark

“A beautiful and well written story about loss and love and about finding yourself in your search for the truth.”
Ude og Hjemme, Denmark