By Kirsten Hammann

Once upon a time he was a successful author, selling books in droves, beloved by readers and critics alike. Now he’s just a middle aged man with writer’s block. But that is not the worst of it. The worst is that his wife has started writing a novel and it has been accepted by a big publishing house, and they are guaranteeing that it is going to be a huge bestseller. Georg is panicking and in his desperation he decides to:

A) Sabotage his wife’s book
B) Write a bestseller before his wife does, even if that means he has to plagiarise his way to it

The Georg-complex is a raving, paranoid and embarrassingly honest crisis novel about how far you are willing to go for success. A bloody marriage drama with voodoo, murder and devilry – and all the grim feelings that can be just as difficult to shake as a nasty cold.

First published by Gyldendal, 2022

Denmark, Gyldendal

A genuine comedic novel
– Politiken, Denmark

Highly entertaining
– Berlingske, 4 stars, Denmark

A funny and crude novel
– Jyllands-Posten, 4 stars, Denmark