By Elsebeth Egholm

A GRIPPING NOVEL combining love and suspense.

ANNA LIVES AND works abroad when her twin brother Rasmus dies. He has thrown himself off a roof. On the train ride home, she meets Samuel, Rasmus’ childhood friend and her own teenage crush, whom she hasn’t seen in twenty-four years since he disappeared one day without explanation.

DESPITE HER RESERVATIONS, Anna is drawn to Samuel again, but at the same time, she discovers that she is pregnant with her English boyfriend, Henry, and that her NGO job is hanging by a thread. Everything in her life is thus in free fall, and amidst it all, she blames herself for Rasmus’ death, because she should have been there. She should never have left him, her mentally vulnerable twin.

AMIDST THE GRIEF and the reunion with Samuel, they both begin to doubt the suicide: Why did Rasmus buy three liters of milk the same evening he took his own life? And what is he trying to tell Anna when she hears him in the rustling of the leaves and the whispering of the trees at the family sawmill?

LIKE THE RED BIRDS (2022), Budbringeren is a stand-alone novel.

First published by People’s, Denmark 2024

Denmark, People’s