By Ida Jessen

IN THE ANAGRAMS OF DOCTOR BAGGE  Lilly’s husband is at the center, and through journal notes and anagrams tells his version of the story about his life and marriage to Lilly Høy. Dr. Vigand Bagges story ends where the first novel, A New Time, begins. 

THE TWO SMALL novels create, with simple means and details, lifelong portraits of two people and their marriage and the time it took place, where the modern time came closer – also for ordinary folks, and the past became even more distant.

First published by Gyldendal, Denmark 2017

Denmark, Gyldendal

“Underplayed and poignant, Jessen’s heathland drama of obsession, dependence and unspoken love is propelled by unerring prose. It’s a cracking read.”
Martin Aitken, translator

“Ida Jessen has written a formidable novel that thrives by virtue of strong women and a mysterious man. The plot is refined, and the intrigues tower high on the Jutlandic heath.”
– Politiken

“A monumental and historical epic with prairie poetry and pioneer spirit… Unusual and unusually fascinating.”
– Berlingske

“It is first and foremost a story about power, love and revenge and about a God-given world, where ‘life is as it should be’. Jessen allows her well-told and surprising story to progress slowly, planting seeds for the ultimate showdown along the way… With The Captain and Ann Barbara, [Jessen] has stepped back 250 years in time. However, there is also something completely current about it. Immigrants and hated population groups and the tensions that accompany them are only too well known today… Abuse of power has always been a scourge.”
– Kristeligt dagblad