IN 2016 MICH VRAA, a former reporter and prizewinning translator, turned a lifelong fascination with the West Indies into a trilogy of novels about the Danish colony in the Caribbean and the brutal slave trade of the late 1700s. Hope, Peter’s Love and Faith were extremely well received and Vraa’s audience grew even further with Vanilla House (2020) a novel based on the author’s family’s business in the city of Odense in the late 1800s. 

COLLABORATING WITH FELLOW  author Jesper Bugge Kold he then co-wrote two historical bestsellers. The Girl From the Big White Ship (2021) is the story of the Danish hospital ship, Jutlandia, and its mission during The Korean War. Three Days in April (2022) is set during the last months of WW2 where we follow the convoy of white buses used to rescue Scandinavian POVs from German internment camps.

UNDER ANOTHER SKY is Vraa’s latest novel where the author tells the unknown story of one of the best-known public figures in Denmark, before his arrival at the Danish court in 1966.