By Mich Vraa

THE NOVEL PETER’S LOVE tells the story about Peter von Scholten’s incredible story.  

PETER VON SCHOLTEN became Governor-General for Sankt Croix in the Danish West Indies on the 14th of July 1827.
Exactly twenty one years later, on the 14th of July 1848, he escaped the island in the dark of the night to sail back to Denmark for the last time. Eleven days earlier he had, surrounded by thousands of armed and upset people and against the Danish king’s and government’s wishes, said the words that ended slavery in the Danish West Indies: Now you are free!
Peter von Scholten had for twenty years shared a table and bed with his great love, the beautiful Anna Heegaard. After the 14th of July he never saw her again. 

PETER’S LOVE CONTINUES  the story of Mich Vraa’s prize nominated and critically acclaimed novel The Hope from 2016. 

The Danes are cunning; they adapt. And now they’re doing it again. Now they wash the blood from their hands; now they want to erase the memory of the hundreds of thousands whose lives they stole for their own gain. And then they will sail home and forget about us“, from the book. 

PETERS KÆRLIGHED follows HAABET, the first volume of Mich Vraa’s trilogy of independent novels about the Danish slave trade.

First published by Lindhardt og Ringhof, Denmark 2017

Denmark, Lindhardt og Ringhof

“Sophisticated, well-researched, and gripping novel”
– Information, Denmark