By Mich Vraa

IN MARCH 1917 the Danish West Indies islands was sold to the USA. Faith Netlock, a young photographer in the town of Charlotte Amalie, watches the ceremony with mixed emotions. She has never felt like a Dane, and she knows that she will never become an American.
But the power shift gets violent consequences for the young woman, who is an heir to the Solitude-plantation. 

FAITH TELLS THE story about how Denmark won and after 250 years lost their colony in the West Indies. But the novel is first and foremost an action packed and intense tale about a strong woman in a very special moment in history. 

FAITH IS THE independent novel in Mich Vraa’s trilogy about the Danish slave trade.

First published by Lindhardt og Ringhof, Denmark 2018

Denmark, Lindhardt og Ringhof

“An insanely well-written novel – read it, savor it”
– Femina, Denmark

“Well-researched, well-composed, well-told”
– Berlingske, Denmark