T. H. HÅVARDSEN is a Norwegian author, songwriter, musician, and funeral director from Stokmarknes. He has a very popular TikTok account where he talks about funerals, death, and the funeral industry. His goal is to work towards a greater openness and understanding about death. With 70 000 followers, the account is a fascinating extension of his non-fiction debut Five Feet Under and has garnered a lot of attention and engagement from users across the country.

HÅVARDSEN’S THRILLER DEBUT, The Gallows Dance, was published in 2020. It is the first book in a trilogy about the fictional town of Viktoriahavn. The sequel, Viktoriahavn, was released in 2021. In 2022, the rights to all of Håvardsen’s works were purchased by Bonnier Norsk Forlag who also published Benjamin’s Cross, the last book in the series about Viktoriahavn.

THE AUTHOR CURRENTLY lives in Melbu in Vesterålen where he works as a funeral director.