By Tor-Håkon Gabriel Håvardsen

EDWARD IS OLD and dying, constantly haunted by nightmares and memories from his childhood. What really happened on that hot summer day long ago, when he and his friends met the Shadow Wanderer at a travelling carnival? Was that where it all started? Could things have been different today if Edward had taken better care of Benjamin? Did Jenny Ness die in the fire?

AS BENJAMIN’S NIGHTMARES become more and more real, and objects from his nightmares begin to appear in reality, something tells Edward that nothing is over.

NOW THE STORIES are connected, and the truth finally comes out. Something no one wants! This is not a book for the faint of heart. Håvardsen concludes his horror trilogy about Viktoriahavn in the most entertaining, brutal, and murderous way.

Published by Bonnier Norsk, 2022

Norway, Bonnier Norsk