By Tor-Håkon Gabriel Håvardsen

WE ARE BACK in Viktoriahavn, where the 2012 Ness-murders, on the harsh coast of the island, are still being investigated. The local priest and the police force are experiencing increasingly strange events on the island. A young woman in a relationship with a violent man hears footsteps in the attic.

A STORM IS approaching the island, threatening to reveal old sins and dark secrets. The storm brings with it something the islanders have tried to forget, something no one in Viktoriahavn has seen since 1795…

A DARK EVIL awakens as the storm breaks all connections to the mainland. Viktoriahavn and its inhabitants are left completely isolated.

Published by Panta Forlag, 2021

Norway, Panta

“Incredibly intense and complex perfection. A stand out novel.”