By Per Hagman

In the last novel of the interconnected books Cigarette and Pool, the protagonist is a young woman, Vendela, a beauty from the west coast of Sweden. She and her parents live in the Central African Republic, but at 15, she is sent home to attend Swedish school and live with her grandparents.

Shortly after, her parents die in an airplane accident. Instead of grieving, Vendela turns to music. She finds life in the little town unbearably boring, so after two years, she breaks up with her nerdy boyfriend and moves to Stockholm, where she starts working as a waitress and a model – finally, her life can begin! While exploring night clubs and music stores, Vendela meets the rock star Vincent and nothing will ever be the same.

First published by Bonnier, Sweden 1994. 230 pages

There is some sort of lyrical obsession and intensity in the texts that still affect me… I am sure that Per Hagman will keep on moving: “the world’s oldest teenager” he has called himself in interviews, but I think that it is rather about that he never stops being curious, about life and the people. That is how you stay young… It is in that associative, flowy writing where Per Hagman is at his best: when it is the shortest distance possible between thought and feeling, between feeling and rhythm – between heart and disco.
Therese Bohman