By Per Hagman

It’s a story about Johan, a young Swedish man in his 20s, who for some reason has settled down in Nice. It’s a place for retired millionaires and movie stars who have passed their expiration date. He moves in with the old actress Celeste, who lives with her husband in a luxurious villa outside of town. Parallelly Johan is reminiscing his first big love in the Swedish small town where he grew up.

Per Hagman gives a tender portrayal of an eccentric set of characters who are all fighting their inner demons and the Big Blue. Hagman brings up themes such as desire, love and submission. A Bonjour Tristesse of the 90s, written in an effortlessly flawless style.

In 2020 Pool was adapted into a movie starring the award-winning actress Natacha Guyon.

First published by Bonnier, Sweden 1993

227 pages

In Pool Hagman appears more and more like the Oscar Wilde of the Swedish system change. The novel highlights the young narrator’s insouciance, the love for vanity and frivolity.
Carl-Michael Edenborg, Fokus