Cigarett – Cigarette

By Per Hagman

Cigarette takes place in the early summer of 1989 in Stockholm and follows the adventures of Johan, a young waiter who works at Hard Rock Cafe, at the time the coolest restaurant in Stockholm. All described with a smart sense of humour, mixed with that Hagmanesque kind of that bittersweet, and sentimental, summertime sadness.

When Cigarette was published it hit the Swedish literature scene right in the solar plexus and has since then inspired and influenced generations of young people and authors.

First published by Bonnier, 1991

CIGARETTE by Per Hagman is no exception; a staggeringly bold depiction of hedonism, loneliness, and a refusal to come of age in late 90’s Stockholm, CIGARETTE deserves a place among the classics of of alt outcast fuck up novels.
Alex Thornber

Per Hagman seems to be the most pronounced storyteller talent there is within the male part of the 90’s generation.

Like Coupland’s Generation X without the irony. Or Michel Houellebecq without the disdain. […] Loved it. 
Drew Gummersson, author

Cigarette is a generational novel screaming of loneliness, rootlessness and betrayal…

Per Hagman is a master in depicting society.
Dagens Nyheter

A world of ecstasy, video, synthetic rock and cable-tv, liberating free from literary allusions and “nice” images. Good hard boiled prose.
Månads Journalen

Nordisk Books, UK
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