Vita spår – White Tracks

By Emelie Schepp

A high-speed train is standing still on Norrköping Centralstation on a cold winter night. Onboard, a young woman has been found dead. Her fingers are bloody and white foam is dripping from her mouth. It soon becomes evident that the woman was not travelling alone. She had a friend with her who seems to have disappeared without a trace. Who are these women? And what has happened to them?

Prosecutor Jana Berzelius is assigned this complicated case, and it doesn’t take long for it to become personal, more so than she had ever anticipated. Once again, Jana is forced to stand face to face with her past. When detective inspector Henrik Levin and his colleague Mia Bolander find a lead in their investigation, Jana realizes that suspicions are aimed at a person close to her. A man she would love to forget, a man who knows too much about her. A man who must be silenced at any cost.


Published by Wahlström & Widstrand, 2015

348 pages


Australia, Harper Collins
Czech Republic, Vikend
Denmark, Politiken
Estland, Hea Lugu
Finland, Harper Collins Nordic
France, Mira/Harper Collins
Germany, Blanvalet
Hungary, Libri
Iceland, MTH publishing
Italy, Bompiani
Korea, Mira/Harper Collins
The Netherlands, De Fontein
Norway, Gyldendal
Poland, Media Rodzina
Spain, Mira/Harper Collins
Taiwan, Mira/Harper Collins
Turkey, Cinar Yayinlari
UK, HQ/Harper Collins
USA, Mira/Harper Collins


By far the scariest description of drug smuggling I have read, with Thai girls brining drugs to Norrköping. Emelie Schepp weaves an intricate plot surrounding both the crimes and the prosecutor Jana Berzelius’ mysterious background. At the same time it is a good and trustworthy portrayal of an ordinary Swedish workplace. With unusual personal portraits, reorganization problems and a working group that is torn apart by internal tensions.
Dagens Nyheter

The story has good tempo and you can tell the research is serious. I really like the character gallery which consists of regular humans with edges and bumps. Their intentions are noble, but they don’t always manage to do good.