Prio ett – Priority One

By Emelie Schepp

On an early morning in March a woman is found badly wounded in her apartment in Norrköping. First to arrive on location is ambulance nurse Philip Engström. The woman’s hands have been cut off and Philip does all he can to save her life – but it is already too late.

When another mutilated victim is found, prosecutors Jana Berzelius and her colleagues from the police department begin to see an unpleasant pattern. What first looked like a single act of madness has grown rapidly into something much more severe. When Philip Engström becomes aware of the similarities between the two murders, he realizes that the motive for the killings has to do with his own history.

Along with chief inspector Henry Levin and detective Mia Bolander, Jana Berzelius is determined to find the truth behind the killings. At the same time, she is approached by a person from her past, someone who knows the secrets she has worked so hard to conceal. She has no other choice but to once again go far beyond legal limits to eliminate the threat.

Priority One is the third book about intriguing protagonist Jana Berzelius, whose own dark past lies hidden even from herself.


First published by Wahlström & Widstrand, 2016

360 pages


Australia, Harper Collins
Czech Republic, Vikend
Denmark, Politiken
Estonia, Hea Lugu
Finland, Harper Collins Nordic
France, Mira/Harper Collins
Germany, Blanvalet
Hungary, Libri
Iceland, MTH Publishing
Italy, Bompiani
Korea, Mira/Harper Collins
Netherlands, De Fontein
Norway, Gyldendal
Poland, Media Rodzina
Spain, Mira/Harper Collins
Taiwan, Mira/Harper Collins
Turkey, Cinar Yayinlari
UK, HQ/Harper Collins
US, Mira/Harper Collins


But above all, it is very well-written and exciting. “Prio ett” is a fast-paced Scandi Noir. Prepare yourself to be losing sleep.

Through Jana Berzelius, Schepp has created another of the many female crime heroines that follows in the footsteps of Lisbeth Salander; characters with social disabilities and a pragmatic relationship with the law. Jana, however, belongs to one of the more interesting and complex characters of this type. She has an exciting past that is revealed step by step through the series, she has a presence that engages the reader and makes you care about how everything will work out for her.

Emelie Schepp has demonstrated her skills as a crime writer in her two previous novels, and now in the third she has mastered the technique to perfection. The plot moves forward smoothly like a cobra and attacks just as swift.
Johannas Deckarhörna