Pestön – The Plague Island

By Marie Hermanson

Gothenburg 1925. Chief detective Nils Gunnarsson is called to the shantytown of the lawless aggressors. Among the ram shackled barracks at the creek there’s a dead man who the aggressors have saved from the water. The unknown man leads Gunnarsson on a hunt, first to the fancier parts of town and thereafter to the notorious Plague Island. The island previously worked as an isolation station, where sailors were kept isolated to not spread diseases. But what’s going on there now? And who is the man who is kept prisoner on the island? To solve the enigma Gunnarsson once again gets help from the forward Ellen Grönblad.

The Plague Island is a historical novel set in Gothenburg and a stand-alone continuation of Marie Hermanson’s latest novel, The Great Exhibition. In the lead roles we find the policeman Nils Gunnarsson and the journalist Ellen Grönblad.


To be published by Albert Bonniers förlag, Sweden.



Germany, Suhrkamp Verlag