By Carin Gerhardsen

Dawn is approaching. A man is fidgeting behind the wheel of his car as he drives along a desolate road. But he cannot outrun the demons, no matter how much horsepower his engine has got. Suddenly a naked young woman steps out of the early morning haze and runs straight towards him.
She is later found outside piano technician John Gideon’s flat, but is unable to tell anyone who she is or what has happened to her. And John Gideon is not opening his door. The neighbours tell stories of girls – dozens of them – that have walked in and out of his flat for several years.

The young woman’s unwillingness to talk creates a difficult task for Conny Sjöberg and his team. But they have just seen the beginning of a very intricate case when they are also faced with a fatal assault and the body of a dead infant.

Conflicting opinions lead to tension and the cracks begin to show. Petra Westman is driven by a simplistic contempt for the male kind, which may cause her to commit fateful mistakes. Jamal Hamad does his utmost to draw her attention to this. Odd Andersson relies on his intuition and judgement of character, but that doesn’t seem to take him very far this time around. Jens Sandén is preoccupied with his mentally disabled daughter and her baby and doesn’t notice what goes on around him. Hedvig Gerdin, on the other hand, is paying close attention and is determined to get to the bottom of things. And Conny Sjöberg struggles to stay neutral in the middle of a raging sea.

First published by Norstedts, Sweden, 2012
357 pages

Denmark, People’s Press
Germany, Lübbe GmbH & co. KG
Finland, Minerva Kustannus
France, Fleuve Noir
Sweden, Bookmark
World English, The Mysterious Press

Carin Gerhardsen rises to the top of the crime favourites with this fifth novel about the Hammarby police.

Suspenseful, straight-forward and very readable.
Inger Dahlman, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen

Carin Gerhardsen’s series about the Hammarby police collective nowadays belong to those novels that I tend to prioritise. Because experience tells me that I can expect a good read, realism, perceptive character portraits and surprises /…/ This is yet another outstanding novel by Carin Gerhardsen. She has a beautiful style and a great sense for nuances.
Anders Wennberg, Gefle Dagblad

Gerhardsen deserves more attention. At the moment there are very few of her fellow Swedish writers that are able to create the same extent of flow in their stories that makes it near impossible to not read the entire novel in one sitting.
Kerstin Bergman, Smålandsposten

In “Gideon’s Ring”, Gerhardsen is back with full force, the book does not disappoint /…/ I definitely think you should read this! A perfect pageturner for summer!
Med näsan i en bok (book blog)