By Sara Blædel

LOUISE RICK IS back at work as head of the newly created National Homicide Unit, after a long leave from the force, and her first case is the murder of a female restaurateur. Local police have very few clues but when Louise launches a thorough search of the inn where the victim lived, they find something that in no way fits into the murder case they are facing. Against her will, Louise has to reach out to Eik Nordstrøm from the Search Department. The two have not seen each other since they parted ways on a beach in Thailand, when their relationship ended. Now she needs his help.

HER LONG TIME friend, journalist Camilla Lind, starts following the story as well. She finds information about a young man who died half a year earlier, information that Louise and the police know nothing about, which will have a huge effect for the people involved. Louise and Camilla both become deeply involved in the case, and when they eventually find themselves in a difficult and vulnerable situation, they realize the strength of being in it together.

Published by JP Politiken, November 2020.

Croatia, Znanje
Denmark, JP Politiken
Finland, Karisto
Iceland, Bjartur & Veröld
The Netherlands, The House of Books
Norway, Bonnier Forlag
Spain, Jentas
Sweden, Polaris
US, Dutton