By Henrik Fexeus

The fact is, that there are many people who do not want you to read this book. Because it gives you very clear advantages in the art of getting it your way.

The secret to persuade someone is not what you think – it’s rarely the result of rehearsed rhetoric or articulated arguments. And it usually occurs entirely without the other person even knowing that he or she is being affected. Ask any senior politicians, prominent business leaders, or any religious head anywhere.

Soon, the secret is yours. In Power Games, the master of manipulation Henrik Fexeus, explains these hidden techniques through practical and brief instructions that you can use in any situation: at work, among friends, or at home at the dinner table. You will know how to get someone to think like you, in any situation whatsoever, whenever. It can be used when you negotiate for higher salary, at a lecture or on the first date.

Welcome to Power Games. The fast way to get what you want.

First published by Forum Förlag

Brazil, Vozes
China, CITIC Press
Czech Republic, Grada
Estonia, Tänapäev
Finland, Atena, Storytel
Italy, Antonio Vallardi Editore/Mauri Spagnol
Latvia, Zvaigzne ABC Publishers
Lithuania, Alma littera
Norway, Schibsted
Poland, Studio EMKA
Russia, AST
Sweden, Forum
Thailand, Bee Media Group
Turkey, Diyojen Yayincilik

”Fexeus entertaining explanation of the game of power, where no one recognizes themselves as losers, is an ingenious key to how life may change if you play the power game the right way.”