HENRIK FEXEUS CAN explain the most complicated connections in a relaxed and simple manner. After his academic education in philosophy he rapidly became a communications specialist. Fexeus is now an appreciated performer of edutainment. He has brought a whole new meaning to the expression mind reading and reveals skills in nonverbal communication, body language, psychological manipulation and psychological influence.

FEXEUS WRITES IN the American tradition where well founded theory is discussed in an accessible manner which draws the reader into the reasoning and makes you want to know more. He has performed astounding psychological experiments on SVT and TV4 and became a household name in 2007, with his debut book The Art of Reading Minds, with an updated edition published in 2019, this book has sold over a million copies around the world and is translated into more than thirty languages. 

SINCE THEN HE has enjoyed great success with the books When You Do What I Want You To, Everybody Gets Some, How To Get Mental Superpowers, The Art of Social Excellence and Reload!.

HENRIK FEXEUS MADE his adult fiction debut in 2021, together with Camilla Läckberg, one of the world’s most successful authors. Their first novel, Box, is already an international bestseller and translated into over thirty languages.