The Haunted by Camilla Sten is the stand alone sequel to The Missing,
where fraught suspense is seamlessly blended  with magical realism.

For most people in Järvhöga life had gone back to normal after the dramatic events
in the woods and the rescue of the missing student Markus.
But for Julia nothing is as it was. That which is lurking beyond the trees is still there.
That which has always been in Järvhöga, luring young men into the woods, remains.

Meanwhile Emil, Markus’ roommate, begins to sense that something isn’t right at the school.
Something is wrong.
With Markus, with everything, and no one is safe.

As the light and springtime returns to Järvhöga,
Julia and Emil must fight to save themselves and the people they love.
Before it is too late.