By Pascal Engman & Johannes Selåker

THE THIRD INSTALMENT in Engman and Selåker’s Nightfall Series.

IT’S 1996, rave music thunders from Docklands, Stockholm’s prime underground music scene, while skinheads hang out on the helipad in Old Town. A well-known neo-Nazi is freed from a prisoner transport outside Norrtälje, north of Stockholm. Police officer Tomas Wolf is called to the scene, straight from his older brother Kristian’s funeral. 

EVENING NEWSPAPER JOURNALIST Vera Berg sees the escape as a chance to get back into good graces at Aftonbladet. She has been demoted to online reporter, and is prepared to take great risks to get back into the front pages.

WHEN VERA FINDS the fugitive shot dead in the woods, it becomes clear that something is not as it seems with the prison break. Who is involved and what were their motives? The trail leads to an anonymous network. Who is behind the unfolding events?

First published by Forum 2024, Sweden

The Netherlands, A.W. Bruna
Norway, Kagge
Sweden, Forum