In Memory of a Killer – Till Minne av en Mördare

By Engman & Selåker

HBO’s ”True detective” meets SVT’s ”The Hunt for a Killer” in a boiling hot Sweden during the World Cup summer of 1994.

IN THE SHADOW of Mattias Flink’s mass shooting in Falun there is another murder. A woman is found strangled to death and soon it is clear that she is one of many victims murdered in the same manner. It falls on police officer, and newly returned UN Peacekeeper,  Tomas Wolf to find the killer.

TO HIS AID comes Vera Berg – a corrupt evening news reporter on the run from her ex-boyfriend and his motorcycle gang. The main suspect is the movie star and drunkard Micael Bratt, but both Vera and Tomas suspect that the real perpetrator is much closer to the investigation.
In Memory of a Killer is the first part in a new series by Pascal Engman and Johannes Selåker.

First published by Forum, 2022 Sweden

Arabic, Ninawa for Publishing
Czechia, Nakladatelství Práh s.r.o.
Denmark, People’s
Estonia, Varrak Publishers
Finland, WSOY
Germany, Ullstein Buchverlage
The Netherlands, A.W Bruna
Norway, Kagge Forlag
Poland, Czarna Owca
Sweden, Forum

Film/TV, Ninjahuset

Engman and Selåker evoke a feverish and atmospheric tone and era with a strong sense for characters, the milieu and the plot. A story – about a not so distant past – that grabs hold of the reader. This is Swedish nordic noir of the highest quality.
BTJ, Sweden

The milieu is fitting […]. The spirit of the time is captured very well […]. The form differs somewhat from Pascal Engman’s previous books, we are invited to a more breathtaking rollercoaster, but there are also parts that we recognize; here are current societal problems such as a growing right-wing extremism, misogyny and a lot of other things. What we also recognize is the text’s soaring level of quality. […] the ability to write fantastic suspense that so skillfully weaves in very real societal problems in a really impressive way. So read In Memory of a Killer, I guarantee a few hours of really entertaining and rewarding pleasure of reading.
– Swedish Crime Academy, Sweden

What makes me [..] fall completely is the author’s irresistible eagerness for storytelling. Despite its length there isn’t a scene I would cut – they are all vital and the era they are in is so perfectly depicted that I often find myself with a smile on my face [..] In Memory Of A Killer is one of the strongest crime novels in years, and if there is any justice in the world it will be named suspense novel of the year by the Swedish Academy of Crime Fiction.
– Västerbotten Kuriren, Sweden

Pascal Engman and Johannes Selåker skillfully kickstarts a well oiled crime novel machinery, welcomed  continuations will probably follow.
– Smålandsposten, Sweden

In Memory Of A Killer is an entertaining crime novel, absolutely. The pages basically read themselves. But there is also an immediate political relevance that makes the story acutely prevailing.  It’s equal parts a historic novel as a reflection of our time.
– Sydsvenskan, Sweden

It’s a skillfully constructed plot with many storylines and a fast pace
– Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

The pace is impressive and the new series, Nightfall, will probably be just as popular as Vanessa Frank.
– Mariestads-Tidningen, Sweden

A taught page-turner.
– Femina, Sweden

Pascal Engman and Johannes Selåker skillfully manoeuvre a well-oiled literary crime machinery, a welcomed sequel will be worth the wait.
– Borås Tidning, Sweden