By Pascal Engman & Johannes Selåker

Following the success of In Memory of A Killer, Pascal Engman and Johannes Selåker are back once again with the second part in their nostalgically thrilling Nightfall series.

It’s new year’s eve 1995 and Sweden is deeply shaken after the disastrous sinking of the MS Estonia, taking 852 souls down with her into the watery depths of the Baltic Sea. Police officer Tomas Wolf is still reeling from his own personal traumas when he gets called in to investigate a murder at a brothel. Can he fight his demons to solve this gruesome murder?

Evening newspaper journalist Vera Berg is struggling with her messy private life while trying to blend in with the tight knit community at her new workplace, Aftonbladet. In her efforts to make a name for herself she jumps at the chance to investigate a bestial murder in a porn club. 

Despite their many differences Tomas and Vera will once again be forced to collaborate. They alone can see that there is a link between the two murders – but what kind and who will be the next victim?

First published by Forum 2023, Sweden

Czechia, Nakladatelství Práh s.r.o.
Denmark, People’s
Estonia, Varrak Publishers
Finland, WSOY
Germany, Ullstein Buchverlage
The Netherlands, A.W Bruna
Norway, Kagge Forlag
Poland, Czarna Owca
Sweden, Forum

Engman and Selåker continue to give us fresh Scandi Noir of top quality where you can sense the echoes of  Sjöwall & Wahlöö and Leif G.W. Persson. The environment, characters, atmosphere and the tone of the era are right where they should be. You get pulled in and you stay there.
BTJ, Sweden

Brutal, thrilling and frightening … The Road of Ill Repute has drive and suspense and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.
– Smålands- Posten, Sweden

The Road of Ill Repute is a powerful and dark depiction of the sex industry and trafficing … the chilling and dramatic resolution stays with you for a long time.
– Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

High tempo, a skillfully executed pilot and suspenseful aha-moments for everyone of us who lived through the mid-ninties.
– Mariestads-Tidningen, Sweden

Engman/Selåker are stylish and on point in their character portrayals and settings.
– Nya Lidköpings-Tidningen, Sweden

The Road of Ill Repute is quick and efficiently told. Engman and Selåker brilliantly capture the spirit of the time and allow current events to become the backdrop of the story.
– Jönköpings-Posten, Sweden

The Road of Ill Repute is a true page-turner where every chapter fuels the furious read. From the brutal start to the spine-chilling ending.
– Svensk Damtidning, Sweden