By Gellert Tamas

Three decades in the world of Sverigedemokraterna (The Sweden Democrats). 

It has now been more than 30 years since the inception of Sverigedemokraterna.
The party is the youngest in the Swedish parliament, but its roots go far deeper. They were formed from the xenophobic Bevara Sverige Svenskt (BSS) (“Keep Sweden Swedish”), however they have both personal and idelogical ties to the Swedish facist and nazi parties from the time between the two world wars.
The roots of Sverigedemokraterna are constantly timely, as well as strangely invisible. Today’s debate revolves more around the cooperation with Sweden’s other conservative parties; Moderaterna and Kristdemokaraterna, than about the party’s past or its recent praise for current leaders such as Donald Trump and Hungary’s Viktor Orbán.

Well renowned Journalist Gellert Tamas has followed Sverigedemokraterna from the start in 1988; he was already following them when sieg heiling skinheads saluted King Karl XII. He has now gone back through thirty years of notes, articles, debates, statements and party declarations. One question keeps coming back: who is it that has changed? Sverigedemokraterna or everyone else? The party is nearing their main goal. In this fall’s election Sverigedemokraterna can gain direct impact on the governing of Sweden. 

We are facing the definite fight for our civilization’s, culture’s and nation’s survival – according to Mattias Karlsson, chief ideologist for Sverigedemokraterna. It is of great importance, insists Gellert Tamas, to listen to what he and other leading members are actually saying. 

Gellert Tamas is one of the most prominent journalists and authors in Sweden. His breakthrough came 20 years ago with The Laser Man, a book about John Ausonius. He has since published The Apathetic and The Swedish Hatred.

First published by Bokförlaget Polaris, June 2022.

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