Det Svenska Hatet – The Swedish Hatred

By Gellert Tamas

What has happened in Sweden? How could two hateful movements – militant Islam and anti-Islam organizations – have so much power to influence the public discourse? And how are we to understand and manage this verbal and sometimes physical violence?

After successes with Lasermannen (The Laserman) and De apatiska (The Apathetic), Gellert Tamas returns to our modern contemporary history. In the third and final part of his trilogy about Sweden, he lets the reader relive some of the past decades’ most crucial moments – and get under the skin of some of it’s protagonists.

It is a book about Kent Ekeroth, who with his work with Avpixlat and international counterjihad has been central to the emergence of the Swedish hatred. It is a book about the suicide bomber Taimour Abdulwahab, the killer Peter Mang and Swedish jihad warriors.

Portrayed in Det svenska hatet (The Swedish Hatred) are the people who shaped the modern Swedish hatred. It is a close-signed coverage about the political and personal hatred. It is an in-depth examination of the two “main enemies” in an alleged fight between civilizations – that in fact both the need and use each other.

Gellert Tamas is an author, journalist and documentary filmmaker. His award-winning book The Laserman has sold more than 200,000 copies, been translated into a dozen languages ​​and was both an acclaimed television series and a stage play. The Swedish hatred is his third book, first published by Natur & Kultur.

First published by Natur & Kultur, oktober 2016

550 pages

Sweden, Natur & Kultur

In country after country we see how unscrupulous parties and politicians resort to verbal violence and shameless lies to transform the anxiety and uncertainty of hatred and aggression, and break the trust between people, which is the basis of democracy, thus pave the way for something else. Sweden’s third largest party seems to have done this more consciously and systematically than it was supposed for us to know. About how this happened, and the decades when this occurred, and how the cold wind of verbal brutality changed the political climate in Sweden, Gellert Tamas has written an indispensable chronicle. – Göran Rosenberg, Aftonbladet

”The Swedish hatred” works both as a broad-based textbook and a reminder of how a party with roots in Nazism have been able to get such an impact on contemporary politics. […] This book is extremely important for anyone who wants to understand the present state in society. – Niclas Sennerteg, Borås Tidning

If the Machiavellian duplicity [of Sverigedemokraterna] has escaped anyone until now, Gellert Tamas compiles the political party’s history of systematic fraud against the voters with ice-cold precision in “The Swedish hatred”. – Sam Sundberg, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

In democracies, there should be ways to nurture important memories. Therefore, make Gellert Tamas “The Swedish hatred” to a mandatory school reading. – Hynek Pallas, Dagens Nyheter

Gellert Tamas new book is a horror trip in right-wing extremist jihadist and contemporary history. But it is also a book about Kent Ekeroth – and a warning to the naive opinion leaders. – Petter Larsson, Sydsvenskan