By Viveca Sten

A CORPSE IS found in one of the lifts just as the ski season has begun in Åre. The body is frozen solid and its lips have been thinned out by the cold. Many things point to murder.

DETECTIVE INSPECTOR DANIEL Lindskog at the Åre police department has a newborn baby and anxious girlfriend at home. Officer Hanna Ahlander has fled to Åre after being forced to leave her job at the City police in Stockholm on the same day as her long time boyfriend dumps her. Soon these two officers will be deeply embroiled in the investigation surrounding the frozen victim.

A STORM IS brewing, temperatures are dropping and more and more lives are in danger. How many victims will be claimed before the truth is brought to light?

HIDDEN IN SNOW is the first book in Viveca Sten’s dramatic new Åre Murder Series set in the beautiful Swedish alps. In her typical style Sten weaves together portrayals of a grandios nature with strong character depictions to form a nail-biting murder mystery that is simply spellbinding.

First published by Ester Bonnier in 2020

Canada, Amazon Publishing
Czech Republic, Vydavatelstvi Vikend
Denmark, Alpha Förlag
Estonia, Pegasus
Finland, WSOY
France, Albin Michel
Germany, DTV
Iceland, Ugla útgáfa
Italy, Marsilio Editore
The Netherlands, Luitingh Sijthoff
Norway, Bonnier Forlag
Romania, Crime Scene Press
Sweden, Ester Bonnier
UK, Amazon Publishing
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A perfect recommendation for readers of Scandi noir. Share with fans of Karin Fossum and Sara Blaedel.
– Library Journal

Scandi noir fans won’t want to miss this one.
– Publishers Weekly, starred review. 

Åre is one of most famous tourist resorts in Sweden, but Viveca Sten uses the tourist imagery as an entry point to a more serious description. Her Åre becomes an entire community, with winners and losers.
– Lotta Olsson, DN

I have never been to Åre [..] Now I am dying to go. I really like Hidden in Snow and am looking forward to the next book in the series.
– Smålandsposten

Her strong characterizations bring the wide cast of individuals to life, and she creates a likable character in Hanna, who is plagued by self-doubt.
– AudioFile Magazine

Just like in the Sandhamn Series Sten proves her skill at balancing a suspense plot with a relationship novel. The hunt for a murderer is thrilling, but just as important is following the main characters’ everyday lives.
– Göteborgsposten

Viveca Sten’s new crime series  delivers wintery suspense that will kick starts your adrenaline.
– Amelia Magazine

Great flow, lovely descriptions of the mountain scenery and I want to keep reading [..]
– Aftonbladet Söndag

Sten humanizes the murder victim and spends time on what loss can do to a family that is left. She uses nature and the weather, both beautiful and seriously deadly. It creates a longing for winter and snow and the Swedish mountains.
– Kristianstadbladet

Snow falls profusely and Viveca Sten describes the scenery – everything from Åre, Duved and Järpen to the isolated Ullå Valley – with a lot of love that also encompasses the large and well thought through character gallery and plot that takes unexpected and interesting turns.
– Norra Skåne

Like the star Viveca Sten is she quickly throws readers into the drama in the first pages of the prologue […].
The storytelling technique is at an elite level moving elegantly between the different narrators: mostly Hanna and Daniel’s but other as well. The construction of the characters is of an equally high standard; we get to know many interesting characters. This is a first class suspense read […]
– Kapprakt

We are met with short chapters that ensure a fast pace from start. The scenery depictions are amazing [..] The story is suspenseful, and I don’t find it all predictable [..] I am already looking forward to the next part.
– ettlitetkapitel (Instagram)

Wow! With a fast pace, often short chapters, colourful descriptions of the milieu and interesting characters, finishing this book went fast! I am already waiting for the next part in the series!
– stormblommasbooks (Instagram)

I really like the mountain scenery and there is a lot to take part of. The main characters are also to my liking […] It will be interesting to follow them in coming books.
– annas.lasdagbok (Instagram)

With a stunning eye for milieus and characters the author paints an incredible story […] Can’t do anything byt warmly recommend the latest Viveca Sten crime novel. Those of you who love the Sandhamn Murders will definitely not be disappointed in this new, wonderful book.
biulasbooks (Instagram)

It is well-written, especially the characters and the scenery are really well and vividly depicted. I am looking forward to the coming books in this series! I would very much like to read more about Daniel and Hanna!
– booksbyjennica

This is the first part in the Åre Murders-series. And what a fantastic book! So well written about the characters, the fantastic surroundings in the mountains and it’s thrilling too! A true nailbiter, page turner and I didnt want the book to end. If you haven’t read it yet do it now!
– annebannesbokhylla