By Viveca Sten

Just before Easter, business woman Charlotte Wretlind is found brutally murdered in her suite at Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Åre. Panic spreads in the area and Daniel Lindskog and his colleague Hanna Ahlander immediately take on the case. It turns out that the victim has connections to the famous mountain hotel in Storlien, a once reputable but now run-down skiing resort that has lost the former glory it had many years back.

On the personal side, Daniel has started going to therapy to deal with the anger that complicates his relationships, Hanna desperately tries to handle her emotions. Together, they enter into a winding investigation involving broken relationships, difficult conflicts and painful childhood memories.

Hidden in Memories is the third part of the Åre Murders, where Viveca Sten weaves together the magnificent nature with strong characters in murder mysteries that completely spellbinds the reader.

To be published by Forum, 2022-10-04

Czech Republic, Vydavatelstvi Vikend
Denmark, Alpha Forlag
Estland, Pegasus
Finland, WSOY
France, Albin Michel
Germany, DTV
Iceland, Ugla útgáfa
Norway, Bonnier Forlag
Slovakia, Ikar
Sweden, Forum

“She truly cares for her characters that grow into complex and interesting people  […]. Viveca Sten is a competent star who skillfully manages the different storylines at the same time as she keeps the pace going towards a really dramatic ending, she writes crime fiction of the highest class.”
Anders Kapp, Swedish Crime academy