By Heléne Holmström

Love, competition and The Morning Show in a summery Stockholm setting

When Vendela and Samuel get the position as summer hosts of TV24’s morning show, both see it as a great opportunity. They are in many ways each other’s opposites, but they still like each other. But when they find out that there’s a chance for a permanent spot on the morning show for one of them, the competition suddenly gets tougher. 

Vendela begins researching a story about her family’s history that takes a shocking turn, while Samuel realizes that he must dare to look into his own past. But in the midst of it all, there’s something completely new sprouting between them, something irresistible, unexpected and not so appropriate when you’re working together and are each other’s biggest competitors… Samuel is worried about his reputation as a shallow player, while Vendela never really feels like a first choice, but the summer brings surprises for both of them. 

When it comes down to it, what matters most, the job or the chance for the love they both secretly crave?

NOW AND FOREVER is perfect for anyone who likes The morning show and frenemies to lovers in a lovely summer Stockholm setting with sun-warmed sidewalks, archipelago swimming and late-night rosé. It is also a story about what happens when the girl who never feels chosen meets the guy who never truly lets anyone in.

To be published by HarperCollins Sweden, 2024

Sweden, HarperCollins Sweden