By Heléne Holmström

An unlikely couple, a forbidden love, and an attraction impossible to deny. This deliciously charged debut offers passion in tantalizing settings.

Charlotta Kvist is a successful attorney at one of Stockholm’s most prominent law firms. When Bolivian workers sue one of Sweden’s largest clothing manufacturers for inhumane working conditions, she takes the opportunity to help them. If she wins the case there is a big promotion waiting. But, despite her sharp mind and can-do attitude Charlotta suffers from an almost crippling insecurity. Years of oppression as a child have made her easy prey for bullies. So how can she win her big case when her self esteem is wavering at every turn and her closest colleague is doing all he can to ruin things for her?

Ignacio Vargas is on the management team for a large clothing company. He is passionate about sustainability, keeping the environment safe and upholding humane working conditions for all employees. The company he works for prides itself on quality, of their product and the way they do business. So when a group of Bolivian workers sue them for inhumane working conditions his whole world is turned upside down.

When the two meet at a bar sparks fly. What they don’t know is that they are on opposite sides of a huge legal battle that they are both determined to win.

They are breaking every rule by being together. Starting a relationship is out of the question. And yet, the pull is just too strong, they can’t resist. But are they ready to risk everything for the unlikely promise of a happy ending?

First published by Lovereads, 2019

Bulgaria, Aviana Publishing
Denmark, Flamingo/Gyldendal DK
Germany, LYX Verlag/Bastei Lübbe
Sweden, Lovereads

This is romance that is fast, funny and… romantic! Just as it should be. With Free Falling Heléne Holmström offers the reader great Swedish romance and I am looking forward to read more from her in the future. // Romance på Svenska

What a debut! It’s almost impossible to stop reading once you’ve started, even though I knew how it would end. Because that’s how it is with romance, they are supposed to end up together in the end. Free Falling centers around Charlotta who struggles to climb the corporate ladder at her law firm. One day she meets Ignacio who she then has to face on the opposite side in an upcoming case and so begins an impossible love with many obstacles along the way, both internal and external. I highly recommend Free Falling and I’m very much looking forward to Heléne Holmströms next book! // Boklusen

What else could you do but happily cheer when you read Free Falling? With Heléne Holmströms debut novel a new star is born on the romance sky. Free Falling has all the ingredients that a great romance novel needs to have and Holmström has not only created good chemistry between the main characters but also between the book and the reader. I love how warm and authentic the protagonists feel and at the same time the reader is also introduced to a real villain who I don’t doubt is a perfect copy of many chauvinist men who unfortunately exist in real life. But what about the love and the sex? I’m happy to tell you that it’s hot and steamy but also tender and heartwarming, this is definitely a book to curl up on your couch with and just dream away. // Boktokig   

If you liked the framing of the tv show Suits then you’re going to this. High heels, long work days, champagne, power struggles and intrigue are all a part of everyday life at the law firm where Charlotta Kvist works. Little does Charlotta know when she meets Ignacio – and immediate attraction occurs – that they are about to face each other on the opposite sides of a public litigation. Will they be able to control themselves? Modern romance with smart women and a touch of social criticism. // Aftonbladet  

The forbidden love sparks and I want more! The life at the law firm feels very authentic and real, you can really tell that the author has experience and knows alot about what she writes. Free Falling is a romantic tale about facing your past and to be brave enough to face what ever may come. // Villivonkan books

World class Swedish romance! // Ingermansson

An entertaining novel about inconvenient obstacles on the path to true love. // Blekinge Läns Tidning

A book centered around different characters point of view – score 5 out of 5 //Skrellens

What a debut! Free Falling has exactly what I’m Looking for in a romance novel: love, friendship, intrigue etc. I’m looking forward to read more books from this author! // Sofias Bokhylla

I read Free Falling every night and I’m in love. This is romance at its best – fun, well written and very familiar. Feelings swell, even when it comes to Charlottas Evil Nemesis, I hate him with an intensity and that’s a pretty nice feeling, believe it or not.  // Mer Romance Åt Folket

A sweet tale that I still think about many days after I finished the book // Nataschas Bokhylla