By Carina Bergfeldt

An anonymous murderer is meticulously planning to kill the person who has turned her life into a living hell. She plans the ultimate murder in great detail with fictional murderer Dexter Morgan as her role model. She documents it all in a notebook which, in spite of its macabre contents, is decorated with colour- ful cupcakes, like the journal of an innocent young girl. And, in order to not lose focus, she has attached a note to the fridge that says: PATRICIDE.

While the Patricide is being planned, a woman is found fro- zen in the ice at Lake Simsjön, and there is no doubt that she has been murdered. At the Skövde police department, inspector Anna Eiler works intensely on the case while reporters Julia Almliden and Ing-Marie Andersson conduct their own criminal investi- gation. All three of them have their own personal reasons for wanting to solve the murder case. Since they live in a small town where everyone is connected to each other, one way or the other; relationships which are put to the test this winter. And perhaps one of them carries the darkest secret of them all…

PATRICIDE is a psychological debut novel that gets under your skin. A skilfully woven suspense novel from a new author, por- traying a heritage of violence and the indelible tracks it leaves be- hind. It is the first instalment in a trilogy dealing with the subject of violence and hatred against women.

First published by Frank Förlag, Sweden, 2012
429 pages

Catalonia, Columna
Czech Republic, Vikend
Denmark, Lindhardt og Ringhof
France, Hachette
Germany, Goldmann
Italy, Longanesi
The Netherlands, AW Bruna
Norway, Gyldendal
Portugal, Planeta Manuscrito
Spain, Seix Barral
Sweden, Frank Förlag
Taiwan, Spring

It is a captivating story, and I sim- ply have to know how it will turn.

An unusually skillful debut novel with a very credible sense of everyday life and a sneaking, unpleasant atmosphere.
Dagens Nyheter

An exciting newcomer in an otherwise saturated crime novel market.

I like writers who want to achieve something – such as Bergfeldt dealing with violence against women.
Cecilia Gustavsson, Aftonbladet

This is an important debut novel … Read this psychological thriller and keep in mind that it describes reality.
Amelia magazine

There is a lot of guesswork about who is behind the murder plans before the truth is revealed

.. very exciting crime fiction … a true page-turner … no limit to how fast one wants to finish it …

SR, Swedish radio P4 Skaraborg

… an exciting and well-written novel with many layers and I read it with great enjoyment.
Skaraborgs Allehanda

Patricide is a claustrophobic, well-written and exci- ting story.
Mons Kallentoft

For one week I haven’t turned on the TV. I have said no to hanging out with people in the evenings and just longed to get into bed and read.
Katrin Zytomierska (Sweden’s most read blogger, TV show host and writer)

A simply amazing book – Exciting, well-written and important!
Magdalena Graaf (performer, blogger, and writer)

I sense an authorship on its way up. Scary and clever crime novel by an incredibly skilful journalist. Keep your eye on her, there is no limit to how far she may go!
Simona Ahrnstedt

Carina Bergfeldt is a very promising debutant, and Patricide is a well written and suspenseful crime novel.
Siren Marøy, Gyldendal Norway



Fadersmord Spanish Book Trailer
By Seix Barral/Grupo Planeta