By Therese Bohman

AT THE HEIGHT of a sweltering summer Marina travels to Skåne to see her sister Stella. It is her first visit to Stella’s new house and her first encounter with Stella’s new partner, the author Gabriel. 
Around Marina, Gabriel and Stella a quiet but intense chamber play takes shape. Caught in the middle are the two sisters, who, in many ways, are kindred spirits but at the same time can’t seem to reach out to one another.

DURING THE MUGGY summer weeks Marina becomes more and more convinced that Stella isn’t comfortable in her relationship. There is something Stella wants to tell her, but things remain unsaid. But also Marina is hiding something – the growing attraction between herself and Gabriel.

DROWNED IS A ense novel about attraction, silence and betrayal. Marina and Gabriel play a dangerous game with potentially fateful consequences.

First published by Norstedts, Sweden, 2010.

Australia, Murdoch Books
France, Balland/JC Gawsewitch
Germany, Rowohlt
The Netherlands, Orlando Uitgevers
Poland, Wydawnictwo Pauza
Sweden, Norstedts
USA, Other Press

“Most thrillers conclude by exposing a killer. Drowned, on the other hand, ends with a larger, more upsetting truth: how we expose ourselves… Author Therese Bohman could be lumped in with the other Scandinavian authors who have taken over the mystery world since The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but her story is more quiet and nuanced, her writing lush enough to create a landscape painting with every scene. No shoot-outs, showdowns or explosions end this story, but be prepared to gasp all the same, not with fear, but with understanding.”
– O, the Oprah Magazine, US