By Camilla Läckberg & Henrik Fexeus

Intense suspense by the new author duo – the first installment in a nail biting series.

When a woman is found dead in a box that has been penetrated with swords the police is puzzled: is it a magic trick gone wrong or an extremely brutal murder? Mina Dabiri is police inspector at the Stockholm police and takes help from Vincent Walder, mentalist and expert in body language and magic.

They make connections with previous cases, and realize that they are hunting a reckless serial killer who has to be stopped before there are more victims. But Mina’s and Vincent’s awkward personalities are making it difficult. Both are carrying dark secrets. Their past seems to be connected with what’s happening and the pace is increasing more and more. They have to be one step ahead of the murderer. Get to know the insanity in order to put an end to it.

Published by Forum, September 2021

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A serial killer who likes magic tricks and imitations of famous illusions is of course made for a thriller with the purpose of increasing your pulse and an entertaining escape from reality. Läckberg and Fexeus simply know how to create a page turner in the form of a brick. Through Vincent’s lectures for the police about the mentalist’s work important reflections are added – like a discussion about the woman’s role as assistant and sawing a woman in half.

Shamelessly thrilling entertainment when Läckberg joins forces with Fexeus.
Ystads Allehanda

Super thrilling novel that inevitably leads to nail biting. You want nothing but to read the 640 pages in one sitting. […] Mina Dabiri and Vincent Walder are heartwarming investigator duo.
De Telegraaf

I have dragged this 646-page book around everywhere because it was simply so fucking exciting that if I were to get just 5 minutes to read a few pages, then it should be utilized. There is a bang on the psychology, knowledge and diagnoses in the book BOX, which is a Läckberg crime trilogy in collaboration with Henrik Fexeus. Henrik’s professional knowledge and Läckberg’s writing skills make them a brilliant writing team… The book is GENIAL. 6 stars.

4 stars
It may seem like plenty of over 600 pages for a crime story, but both the plot and the behavioral analyzes that run like a red thread through the crime story effectively keep the reader captivated. Good crime craftsmanship from Läckberg and relevant new ingredients from Fexeus ensure a very satisfying crime experience.

The whole story is hammering psychological, there is a background story that will blow you away a bit and a set of main characters who are totally disturbed in some contexts and who work perfectly as a partner.

Box is the first book in Läckberg and Fexeus ’planned trilogy, and I have to say it has gone really well. We get both a cunning plot and a number of very interesting characters that make you want to read more. So do not fear the 600+ pages that the author couple in the book have overwhelmed their readers with. The book is well written, the language is interesting and so exciting that the story is read before you look around. Now there is nothing to do but wait anxiously for the next one.

A sophisticated storyline and characters you always want to know more about. Schwarzlicht (= Black Light) shines very brightly on the thriller horizon!
Alex Dengler,
Dramatic and entertaining, with particularly unconventional but very likeable investigators.
Radio Mühlheim
With Schwarzlicht, the duo Läckberg / Fexeus succeeded in creating an exciting and extraordinary start to their Dabiri Walder trilogy. Frightening, gripping and thoroughly entertaining.
It’s been a long time since I’ve read a novel as exciting and enigmatic, as full of tricks and twists as this one.