Allt För Dig – Forever Yours

By Josefin Schygge

A thrilling page-turner about danger and revenge. Malin lives on the beautiful island of Visingsö with her husband and two sons. She runs a popular blog where she displays her perfect life – a bit too perfect according to some. When Elma, who has a protected identity, is in need of a temporary place to stay, she is allowed to stay in Malin’s guest house. But Elma’s presence makes Malin uncomfortable, the exposed woman reminds her of the horrors she herself had to endure in the past. In addition, mysterious things start happening around Malin and her family – it seems like someone is watching her. Is she imagining things or has the man who once threatened to ruin her life, the man she escaped from, returned?

First published by Forum, Sweden 2022

Czechia, Dobrovsky s.r.o & Omega
Denmark, Swann
Sweden, Forum

“Short chapters, multiple narrators, flowing prose and a gradually increasing sense of foreboding make Forever Yours an exciting page-turner. … It is well-written, with complex characters and vivid environmental descriptions of a beautiful summer island. An eerie suspense novel about vulnerability, revenge and violence against women.”

BTJ, Sweden

“Well-written + true to life = binge reading”

Mariestads-Tidningen, Sweden