By Johanna Ginstmark

THE SNOWSTORM SWEEPS across Österlen when Jens, a father and widower, disappears without a trace. Left on the farm are ten-year-old Tova and her little sister. Did Jens disappear voluntarily, or has he been the victim of a crime? The investigation into Jens’ disappearance is complex, and police officer Maria Larsdotter becomes personally involved as it reminds her of her own childhood trauma.

MEANWHILE, THE SERIOUS Crimes Unit in Ystad is divided into two camps, with the majority critical of the newly appointed commissioner Maria for reporting their former chief for misconduct.

IN WHISPERS OF THE STORM the stakes rise, both in the investigation and in personal relationships. And the closer Maria gets to the truth, the more dangerous it becomes. The Österlen files is a suspense series that explores the effects of trauma and secrets.

First published by Bokförlaget Polaris, Sweden 2024

Sweden, Bokförlaget Polaris