By Johanna Ginstmark

POLICE OFFICER MARIA Larsdotter returns to the village where she grew up to begin a new job as a commissioner with the Ystad police in the south of Sweden. Maria is haunted by memories of a terrible accident that struck her family when she was a child, but she is also happy to see her childhood village and her grandparents again. Maria has barely settled into her new role when a strange case lands on her desk. A newly moved-in couple has found a skeleton buried in the stable yard of the beautiful farm they recently took over after it had stood uninhabited for a long time. Questions pile up around the discovery, and Maria soon realizes that the search for answers leads back in time and that the seemingly idyllic village harbors dark secrets that are connected to her own past.

DENSE HAZE is the first part of The Österlen files by Johanna Ginstmark, a series that that explores the effects of trauma and secrets.

First published by Bokförlaget Polaris, Sweden 2024

Sweden, Bokförlaget Polaris