By Victor Pavic Lundberg

THE SUMMER HEAT paralyzes Stockholm and journalist Loa Bergman is getting ready for vacation.
But when a young woman goes missing in Mariestad he is forced to cancel his plans and return to his old hometown.

AT THE SAME time, his colleague Danijela Mirkovic goes through a personal disaster and is reluctantly given time to review a case that is similar to the missing girl in Mariestad, and that has been unsolved for more than 30 years. While Loa is confronted with memories from his childhood, Danijela discovers details in the case that the police completely missed.

LOST SUMMER IS a chilling suspense novel where nothing is what it first seems.

Published by Albert Bonnier 2023, Sweden

Brazil, Trama/Ediouro Publicações
Czech, Host
Denmark, Modtryk
Spanish (world rights), Trini Vergara
Sweden, Albert Bonnier

Lost Summer, is just like Aftermath, a well written crime story with beautifully crafted characters and a clever plot. The result is a true page turner.


This is a very powerful story, incredibly well written with an intelligent plot that keeps the suspense alive all the way until the end. An important explanation to the joy of reading are the two captivating main characters. 

– Kapprakt

With [his] lovely language, well depicted and a little bit awkward main characters and the wonderful but impious feel for the genre, this is a crime novel that is pure pleasure to read. 

– Gunilla Wedding, Skånska Dagbladet