By Kristian Bang Foss

MORE THAN 3000 years ago, Raudon was the son of a powerful chieftain in Limfjorden (the Northern part of Jutland in Denmark). He was brought up in a foster family by the river Moldua. They have been a crucial ally in securing the important trade of amber and bronze between the north and the south. Raudon is finally returning home to Limfjorden prepared to take over command after his father’s death, but his twin brother is also looking to rule the clans.

TO THE SOUTH there is war, earthquakes, drought and migration. Empires are collapsing, trade routes are crumbling, and when an arranged marriage goes wrong the alliance with Raudon’s foster family in the south begins to falter. It grows increasingly harder to attain the all important bronze without which the sun will not rise. Raudon must choose a path. He gathers a number of North Juttish tribes, draws a bloody trail with his sword and carries a golden sun atop his head. Only one thing is certain: War is coming. 

THE MAN WHO CARRIED THE SUN is a novel about families in extreme conditions, forced to  carry out the violence upon which their fortunes are made. It is a tale of war, love, loyalty and betrayal and the myths on which we build our societies.

First published by Gyldendal, Denmark 2023

Denmark, Gyldendal
Norway, Pangolin

“A literary achievement that brings the past vividly to life ”
– Politiken, Denmark

“Exquisite novel … immensely well done”
– Kristeligt dagblad, Denmark