By Astrid Saalbach

THORKILD IS A patriarch, brought up at the start of the century, white and spoiled, and still somewhat of a human being. Having lived his whole adult life in first class he is now lying  helpless as a child at Lindely nursing home. Thorkild is forced to realise that this is the end of his privileges and so called dignity.

HE LOOKS BACK on his life, while his middle-aged daughter retroactively tries to get to know him. Their newfound relationship is also complicated and while it brings them closer together, it might actually be too close for either of their comforts. 

A DEATHLY SERIOUS satire about old age, a state that comes for us all, if we are lucky. About daring to face our own decay and fragility in a time obsessed with chasing youthful strength. And about the sliver of humanity granted to even the worst of tyrants as he grows old.

First published by Gutkind, Denmark 2023 

Denmark, Gutkind

Tight and well-polished
– Jyllands-Posten, 4 stars, Denmark

Moving… humorous
– Politiken, Denmark