By Mich Vraa

1787, ON THE slave ship Haabet (The Hope) a bloody uproar breaks out between the slaves in the holding. Under deck two women are in the desperate people’s grip: the wives of the young captain and the newlywed doctor. Before the uproar is brutally shut down, people’s lives have been forever changed. 

THE HOPE IS a grim story from a time when Denmark was creating a new fortune on the backs of the slaves who worked at the West Indian sugar plantations. A chapter of the country’s history that for many years was kept under the rug is told as a, story about cynical exploitation and immense evil, but also about love and survival under impossible conditions.

First published by Lindhardt og Ringhof, Denmark 2016

Denmark, Lindhardt og Ringhof

“A tough, beautiful, and compelling novel”
– Politiken, Denmark