By Marianne Fredriksson

They come from separate worlds and have different perceptions of reality; one tries to explain life by means of research, the other tenaciously searches for the meaning of life. Skilda verkligheter (Separate Worlds) is a modern love story that tells the tale of a couple that doesn’t always get along. They often quarrel and provoke one another but are still caught up in what we call “the great love of their lives”.

Skilda verkligheter (Separate Worlds) is Marianne Fredriksson’s thirteenth novel. Millions of readers can look forward to yet another fabulous novel by one of Sweden’s most read authors.

First published by Piratförlaget, 2004
380 pages

Sweden, Piratförlaget
Denmark, Fremad
Norway, Damm & Son
Finland, Bazar
Germany, Krüger Verlag
The Netherlands, De Geus
Spain, Salamandra (World Spanish rights incl. Catalan)
Italy, Longanesi

The readers who can control themselves and hold back their own tears are worthy of admiration. Marianne Fredriksson knows which buttons to push to get the tears flowing.

Buoyant! And at the same time captivating – otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to read a book so quickly, if one didn’t become so engrossed and in need to find out what happens. And you do.