By Veronika Malmgren

A NOVEL ABOUT longing, life choices and the will of belonging somewhere.

TOGETHER WITH HER family Claire moves from London to the Isle of Mull on the Scottish west coast. While her husband Paul is working she is on maternity leave with the youngest of three children and tries to find her role as a soon to be 40-year old woman, and not only as a mother. During the days she walks around the island with the baby in a carrier and when she can she swims in the ocean. The seaweed lies thick on the beach. At the farm there is also the shepherd Niall and between him and Claire a friendship begins that threatens to turn into something more.

WHAT CAN YOU really win at crossing a border – and how much can you lose?

Published by Forum, Sweden 2024

Sweden, Forum

“An exciting and absorbing tale of incipient attraction and infatuation that slowly creeps up on you without you choosing it. Well-written, beautiful and disturbing, set against a stunning Scottish backdrop.”
BTJ, Sweden