By Malin Karim

Dark humour and a furious passion for storytelling

I am Woman is a sharp and humoristic novel about a woman who settles the score with her sham of a life and sets off on a secular crusade through Stockholm.

46-year-old Hermine has had enough. She has had it up to here with her perfect existence, the husband, two kids, trendy job, her fashionable wardrobe and their beautiful home. Hermine is tired of constantly belittling herself and accommodating to other people’s needs.

So she decided to revolt and set the foundation for a new world order. Within the space of a week she will break each of the seven deadly sins with no thought to the consequences. As soon as she has ticked them off her list things will be different.

With dark humour, deadly accuracy and a furious passion for storytelling Malin Karim tells the story of an unforgettable journey to liberation.

Published by Bazar, March 2022

Denmark, Forlaget Memoris
Sweden, Bazar

“Funny, snappy and smart! Read it!”
– Simona Ahrnstedt

“A book that has its reader alternating between laughter and the deepest anger. A poignant depiction of a woman’s breakingpoint, the moment when she has finally had enough.”
– Camilla Läckberg

“I think I’m one of many who long for more descriptions of women who are tired of being used as doormats and simply says fuck it. What will the world look like where women stop taking responsibility and start following their own desires without thinking about the consequences?”
– Ystad Allehanda

“It may sound crazy and it is. But at the same time comical and quite refreshing. Malin Karim has a humor that shows in the book and the tempo is high.”
– Smålandsposten

“With dark humor, razor-sharp phrases and a furious joy of storytelling, Malin Karim depicts an unforgettable journey of liberation.”
– Höganäs Bokhandel

“I mean, this book is ingenious. So incredibly good. It’s really worth reading.”
– manadensbocker

“Oh what a book, I was completely hooked and I truly loved it. Full score. The phrasing and the descriptions. And I would think everyone could probably recognize themselves.”
– lyssnamedmig

“Aaaoo. A spring-cry later and the heart makes a somersault. […] The book offers the ecstasy of everyday life and feelings of now-I’ve-had-enough with emphasis. […] A reading experience that promises greatly and delivers everything. I want to burst. It’s ruthless, entertaining and clear. Absolutely wonderful! […] Tell me, is it not Bridget Jones’ defiant little sister who has made her entrance? The liberating language and the clairvoyant gaze makes my heart swell. From the power of the story, the joy of the pen and the sharp humor that pierces everything that concerns Mr Conformity and Professor Brag. And I? My whole being perishes with inevitable force. Here is a book that confirms its readers and consolidates the author’s position as a skilled, not to say sensitive and profound narrator. A page-turner which, despite its seven deadly sins, is difficult to put down. A joy to read! This is a literary roar of emotions. A book that shouts and stirs. That seeks and sees. […] Hermine is here, Karim excels and yes, it’s gold, gold, gold!”
– carolinesbokhylla

“I give it 4,5 [/5]. I giggle sometimes and the next moment I get a lump in my stomach. I like the whole book and the set-up a lot.”
– plettislyssnar

I Am Woman is a refreshing, furiously funny and a little bit crazy story about a middle-aged woman who one day has enough of her life that is perfect on the surface. […] It’s easy to read, has dark humor and a perfect analysis of society. So good!”
– hulda74

“Malin Karim writes accurately about a woman who has had enough of adapting to others and “fitting in” the men’s world. Easy to read and funny with a dark undertone.”
– lisas.bokstund

“In order not to reveal too much, I can say that the book is original, I almost dare to say unique! Girl power has taken on a new meaning for me. Thanks for the entertainment Malin! Rating 4/5.”
– bokdiggaren

“With accuracy and humor, Karim tackles the big issues in society regarding relationships, gender, norms and facade. The book is easy to read, keeps a high pace and skillfully manages to alternate between seriousness, depth and humor. The book is both provocative and funny, a complexity Karim treats with artistic skill. The mundane is mixed with the absurd and the reader is alternately challenged in both self-examination and societal reflection. Read it!”
– tant_edna

“Very well-written, high paced, easy to read, wonderful dark humor, depth and seriousness, yes, this novel is a lot of everything. I thought it was very good, and I can warmly recommend it.”

On my flight home from Oslo this Friday I have a moment to myself and I read “I Am Woman” by Malin Karim. It’s about a woman who decides to embrace the seven deadly sins and it’s very fun.
I have laughed out loud many times as I have read. I can really recommend this to anyone with a pulse that beats a bit too fast who feels like bitchslapping people around them. The book is from a woman’s perspective but works for everyone who feels stressed.
– Bianca Kronlöf, SVD