Darkness at the End of Time – MÖRKRET VID TIDENS ÄNDE

By Ulf Danielsson

The cloud surrounding the dark and unknown side of our universe is slowly beginning to clear.
The missing piece of the puzzle of particle physics has been found through the discovery of the Higgs particle and it is time to take the next step. With the help of string theory, a picture is painted of a world infinitely larger than we previously thought. Our universe is perhaps just a small part of an incomprehensibly magnificent multiverse that we have only just begun to imagine the extent of.

In the book, we begin to explore the dark matter and the dark energy that physicists still know very little about. We consider the dark ages before the Big Bang, get a glimpse of what happened when our universe was created and follow the story further into a distant and threatening future.

Darkness at the End of Time takes you to the absolute forefront of research. Ulf Danielsson describes the most wonderful science with his characteristic, poetic prose. When you read it, you will never look at the starry sky in the same way again.

First published by Fri Tanke, March 2020

“Danielsson’s book is not just good, it is necessary, popular science. It takes us to the absolute forefront in research on the structure of the universe.” 

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