By John Ajvide Lindqvist

John Lindqvist is nineteen and wants to become a magician. In September 1985 he moves into a narrow and dark back building in Stockholm, right next to the Brunkeberg-tunnel.

It is general election time in Sweden, and John is entitled to vote for the first time in this life. He votes for Olof Palme, and the social democrats win the election. But the magicians’ championship in Copenhagen is much more important. At least to John who practices hard, hoping to win a prize.

He does not win, he does not even get to Copenhagen. Instead he is taken by the police for theft, and when he gets out of prison something has changed, a strange and scary movement seems to have taken place in his nearest surroundings. He realizes that is has to do with the laundry room in his building, and with some of his neighbours and with what they are up to in the shower room behind the laundry. There is something that makes those who are initiated experience incredible and wonderful things. Something that take them to a place that John calls The other Place. Where you can be the one you really are.

But there is a price, of course. It seems a reasonable price, at first. Just a little blood. Eventually John realizes what the real price is.

I Always Find You is a magical autobiography between fact and fiction. It includes a number of keys to John Ajvide Lindqvist’s books and is unlike anything he has ever written.

I Always Find You  is a stand-alone prequel to Himmelstrand from 2014.

First published by Ordfront Förlag

Australia, Text Publishing
Germany, Lübbe
Italy, Marsilio
Netherlands, Signatuur
New Zeeland, Text Publishing
Norway, CappelenDamm
UK, Text Publishing

”Ajvide is not only a master in his genre, he is the genre itself.”
– Sydsvenska Dagbladet

”It becomes increasingly clear that Ajvide is builing a huge literary landscape, a universe with doors to other dimensions, but also that he is right now our strongest storyteller.”

”With Rörelsen John Ajvide Lindqvist takes his place in Swedish literature. He suddenly appears as both central and unique. He explores both our vision of Sweden, a changing society, and the cross-boundary possibilites of art.”

” an author who clearly aims at taking his work to new unknown horizons, without compromising his already proven mastership.”

”There are no imported or superimposed Hollywood effects. It is a concentrate of something that is already here, in the landscape and in the people.”
-Svenska Dagbladet